Recover Waste Oil Sludge from Refineries and polluted lakes and transform in clean Low NOx, Low Sulfur Fuel Oil to sell.

XBF Unit is employed in the process of cleaning the Waste Oil Sludge.
Oil Sludge is accumlating in the world at an alarming rate: 1,000,000,000 Tons are now stocked and every year more than 100,000,000 Tons are accumulating.
Oil Sludge is toxic, with traditional method it cannot be incinerated, cannot be filtered, cannot be pumped to a waste water treatment facility, and thermal treatment is not cost effective.
Xegate, with XBF, while safeguarding the environment transforms this waste into profit.
Worldwide we turned no use waste into a 200 Billion Dollar Market.

XBF Unit uses a catalyst which cracks water into carbon chains to make shorter and lighter carbon molecules.
It means that we can combine water with Sludge Oil, and the result will be our lighter XBF (Xegate Blue Fuel) Oil.
XBF Unit can be successfully applied to clean and recover:

  • Refinery Waste Oil Sludge
  • Hydrocarbon-polluted Lakes and Pits
  • Oil Tanks - Crude Oil, Diesel
  • And more...


  • Double the mass of Fuel Oil
    • Add 50% Oil
    • Add 50% Water
    • Add <1% Xegate's Catalysts
    • The Product has the same Fuel Oil LHV as Feed
  • Convert Atmospheric Residual into Low-NOx Fuel Oil
  • Convert Vacuum Bottom into Low-NOx Fuel Oil
  • Convert Oil Sludge into Low-NOx Fuel Oil
  • Low NOx Fuel Oil XBF can be used for
    • Ship Fuel
    • Power Plant Fuel



Only Mixers and Tanks are requierd, and the Catalyst reacts is a few minutes



For each Ton of Oil Sludge, with XBF the NET INCOME is up to 100 USD/Ton



Just mix about 50% Oil, 50% Water, and less than 1% Catalyst at 60°C to 85°C



Pressures are about 1 barg to 6 barg


XBF Blue Fuel is sold at full price for Ships and Power-plants


XBF Blue Fuel is Low-NOx, Low-Sulfur


Here a render of an XBF Unit with a capacity of 2,500 MT/day.
As you can see, it is extremely compact and efficient.


Oil Sludge is one of the biggest problems in the Oil & Gas Industry.
These dangerous and environmentally destructive wastes are produced by oil wells, while washing the oil tanks and oil bunkers, and even during the transportation.
Oil Sludge usually is composed of waste hydrocarbons, waste water, sand and minerals.
Worldwide, at the present day, 1,000,000,000 Tons of Oil Sludge are accounted, and the annual production of Oil Sludge is more than 100,000,000 Tons per year: these are unbelievable and terrifying numbers.

But the Biggest Business Opportunities come to who can solve the World’s Biggest Problems.
Besides our solutions, nowadays the world doesn’t have a real possible, feasible and economic solution for this toxic issue.
The Refineries store their Oil Sludge in pools and natural ponds, bringing destruction to the environment.

We have an economic solution, and while safeguarding the Planet we are even making the Oil Sludge market extremely profitable.
Xegate, with its Strategic Partner KGM, provides a new hi-tech combined solution for recovering oily sludge: XBF.

XBF Unit comes from a new generation of hi-tech Catalysts: the technology is extremely complex but its implementation is really easy to install and operate.

XBF is already installed and running in selected Refineries all over the world and the word is spreading out rapidly.

XBF Unit can be set up quickly, with no heavy investments, and it is very easy to operate and maintain.
Considering the estimated numbers of the Oil Sludge production rates and the accumulated reserves in the world, you can improve your business by
protecting the environment with huge financial profits.


XBF Recovery Catalysts crack water molecules and bond them with hydrocarbon chains.
After adding our powerful Catalysts to the Oil Sludge, a chemical bond between water and hydrocarbons is developed.
This is one of the easiest operations in Oil & Gas Industry: it is safe, fast and super-efficient.

XBF recovery technology can solve Oil Sludge environmental concerns of International Environmental Organizations: we don’t need anymore
to damp this kind of polluted materials into our environment; and we don’t need to spend money on getting rid of the Oil Sludge.

A Refinery can be turned a little bit more into a Green Industry!
Not only you won’t to spend money for the Oil Sludge disposal, but you will make it profitable!

XBF Unit will turn your Oil Sludge into a clean Fuel Oil, sellable to the International Market at International Benchmark Prices.
Our extremely high-tech and high-profit XBF Unit is now accounted as a win-win element for every Refinery and Petrochemical Plant.
Oil Sludge recovery business, with Xegate, is no more a problem or a side project, but a major profit in the Oil & Gas Industry.

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