Are you an investor in technology?
New technologies arising from university-based research are typically at an early stage of development, and require a major cash infusion to be refined, tested and proven. As a result, many discoveries with promising commercial potential never make it out of the lab.

Why you should invest in startups?
Compared to stock market investments, which angels can only buy and sell, startups give them an opportunity to actively influence the outcome of their investment. A seat on the board, next to entrepreneurs eager to listen and take advice, gives them a rewarding role helping to lead the company to the promised land.

Should you invest in startups?
Making a decision as to whether you should invest in startups is one that needs to be made by understanding your financial needs, requirements and expectations. It's undeniably an attractive proposition, particularly when you consider many are eligible for the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the numerous tax reliefs available, but it's without doubt a higher risk/higher reward strategy.

To bridge this innovation gap, Xegate initiates, manages and encourages investment in promising innovations through a variety of channels.

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