Cooperate with Xegate!
Do you run a business? Do you invest? Are you active in the field of science, research and innovation? Do you want to push your activities to another level? Are you interested in the latest scientific methods and inventions? Cooperate with Xegate!

  • We support the practical application of R&D results created at Xegate
  • We’re offering services and consultancy in the field of technology transfer and intellectual property
  • We organize special, tailor-made events that open dialogue and connect scientists, companies and other subjects

Who can use our services?
Technology Transfer Office of Xegate is a primary contact point for:

  1. Everyone, who is interested in research cooperation with Xegate
  2. Everyone, who is interested in the portfolio of our patents
  3. Those, who need to develop and advance their ideas in cooperation with leading experts in various fields
  4. Those, who are looking for partners to fulfil their specific needs in research and development
  5. Everyone, who is interested in expert consulting and professional training in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer

Contact us also for:

  • Survey & Troubleshooting Services
  • Industrial training
  • Basic Design of Process Units
  • Commissioning & Start-Up Supervision
  • Technical Consulting at Purchasing
  • Support for Spare Parts Supply
  • Technical Consulting
  • Setting up Research and Development units and laboratories with the help of European experts
  • Product Export with estimated brands worldwide
  • Licensing activities with networks in Europe, America and Japan
  • Industrial Tours to European countries, Japan and the United States to visit Vendors, Production Lines and Industrial Sites
  • Consulting on purchasing matters according to the efficiency and strengths and weaknesses
  • Extensive network for the most innovative Technology Transfer
  • Advice on loans and financial instruments from Primary World Banks

Contact us to catch a golden opportunity and create strong bonds for entrepreneurship.