We provide return to economy on investment in research National and International benefit.

Innovation  fuels  economic  growth,  the  creation  of  new  industries,  companies, jobs, products and services, and the global competitiveness of  national industries.  Main driver of successful innovation is technology transfer, in which the private sector adapts academic research for use in the marketplace.

Also the size of turnover makes big technology transfer companies not only subjects but also actors on the country’s economic and industrial development.

Our company’s vision is to contribute to the development of national economy through prompt and quality service to the innovative business sector.

The qualitative direction of saving (input) and investment (output) decides about the economic destiny of any political entity. Today, this quantitative question is about the financial strategy to built an information technology infrastructure in a country, since all production factors have become knowledge-intense (information-based).


Xegate provides returns on investment in research, ensuring the investment and the Risk Management is always planned ahead, therefore the Payback Time is met in any circumstances and situation.

A Country or a Company has to accumulate or mobilize savings in order to make investment in real assets of the economy to lead to growth of the economy.

Therefore savings from disposal income would liberate investible funds for investors to carry out investment in physical assets that could engender capital formation which invariably will lead to growth of the economy or the real sector which increases stock of capital.

For any economy to grow savings and investment must positively interplay to achieve the desired goal.

As far as Keynes theory is concerned, investment is the most important economic factor for a nation. Investment is very important in a Country’s economic development: It’s the main source of employment creation and the main factor of economic growth. Investment increase involves Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and National Revenue increase. Investment induces the economic prosperity and welfare improvement in general.


We provide clear path & support structure from idea/concept to commercialization.

Ideas and concepts alone cannot be commercialized, i.e., it is necessary that they become inventions. Money gained from commercialization can feedback into research work.

Technology transfer offers a great opportunity for university researchers to bring their ideas to the commercially attractive inventions via negotiate collaboration agreements for transferring patent rights, proprietary technologies, and materials to private-sector partners, industries and new businesses.

Material transfer agreements (MTAs), cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs), patent license agreements (PLAs), and proprietary technology license agreements (PTLAs) are examples of the agreement types used by our company to facilitate technology transfer.

Product development is the creation of a new or different product that offers innovative new benefits to the end user. This includes both the creation of an entirely new product and modifications to an existing product. These changes or new introductions may be targeting a newly defined customer requirement or a niche category in the market.


Xegate knows it and supports Companies to achieve the most successful goals, starting from your own very first idea, up to the final commercialization of a product.

A product can be defined as a collection of benefits that can be either tangible such as a physical item or intangible such as a service or experience. The new product development process involves two simultaneous activity paths. One of these focuses on extensive market research and analysis while the other deals with generating ideas, design of the product and detail engineering.

New product development is the first stage in the product life cycle management process, the strategic process that is used to manage products and market share. An effective product development process helps a company to:

  • Grow through the creation of new business opportunities
  • Boost profitability for stakeholders
  • Increase customer satisfaction through better products meeting specific needs

There have been several approaches to managing an effective new product development process. One such method is the Fuzzy Front End (FFE) followed by a more formal Stage Gate process. The FFE is a more chaotic early stage process, where the concept is defined.

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