Sale/Transfer of Technology
This is when the rights of the product/process is transferred over in the sale of the technology. The reasons for sale or transfer of technology include: the owner of the patent doesn’t have the resources to execute, the owner has run into a problem in developing the basic patent into commercialization, or it is difficult for the owner to produce the finished product based on partial patent.

Licensing of Technology
Licensing gives permissions for the use of patent and the technology. It presents great freedom to the licensee in technology choice and the licensor to reap the profits from the technology transfer without risking any capital.

A combination of capital, management, and know
Successful commercialization is not guaranteed so the technology is transferred over with the capital, technological know-how, and other core components.

Technical personnel
Technical personnel gets directly involved in the technology transfer by transferring from the sending manufacturing site to the receiving site for resolution of any technological problems that may exist.

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