In the 21st century, universities and research centers are the seed capital for creating knowledge that fosters scientific and technology-based entrepreneurship development.

The role of the researcher changes during the three principal stages of entrepreneurship: idea generator during the invention stage, scientific leader during the innovation stage, and, ultimately, technology advisor.

Collaborative university-industry consortiums seems to provide an effective mechanism for amplifying innovative entrepreneurship culture, especially when having government involved as a third partner and managed to be working together to benefit through achieving technology transfer outcomes.

We strengthen our in-house innovation capabilities through multiple collaborative research, targeted alliances and acquisitions. Without a clear corporate culture, the technical side of technological innovation will hardly develop in a satisfactory manner. Every fruitful idea, whether big or small is evaluated, developed for deployment and rewarded.

Innovation should be a constant business priority for every Company.

The last recession taught smart companies a valuable lesson– while poorly managed companies bunkered down in survival mode, innovative companies seized the opportunity and took the hibernating companies’ market share.

Consumers are pushing small and large companies to deliver more affordable, better, and exciting products and services. There is no more room for mediocrity in our globalized market place.


Here are seven simple steps that Xegate uses to foster a culture of innovation in your organization.

1. Xegate make you lead from the front
Innovation starts with the leadership qualities of the founder or CEO. Founders and CEOs of innovative organizations have to be passionate about their work, display a positive and optimistic outlook, have a real drive and clear vision, be forward thinking, and above all embrace change.

Xegate training your Leaders to be bold thinkers and from the top-down or across the board, as they play a primary role in fostering innovative organizations. Innovation is the high-performance mantra of business leaders.

2. Xegate supports creating a culture of innovation in your Company
People perform best when they are driven by inspiration and encouraged to push their boundaries and think outside the box. But employees cannot do this when they are being micromanaged.

Employees need to feel independent enough to own their innovative thinking and to pursue the ideas they are passionate about. In fact, if management effectively fosters a creative and open environment, innovation will happen naturally.

A single value creating idea might require hundreds of dud ideas. When the entire organization brainstorms, the process of refining suggestions towards a single idea happens phenomenally quicker versus when only key staff is involved in the process.

Xegate, by creating a strong organizational culture, devolve power down to every employee to innovate.

3. Xegate builds effective teams in your Enterprise
The super-performing team has become the holy grail of the business world. Various key requirements need to be in place.
Some of these include dependability between team members, effective structure and clarity of objectives; real meaning in the work the team does, as well believing in the long term results of the team’s efforts.
Teams also need to create a real sense of psychological safety where open and honest communication can prevail.

4. Take ownership of client’s problems with Xegate
Innovative organizations encourage staff to take ownership of problems presented by clients. So often client problems are seen as a headache– left in the hands of “customer service.”  The truth is that every customer problem or complaint presents the organization with a phenomenal opportunity to showcase real customer service and highlight vast improvements in product or service design and delivery.

Lessons learnt from customer problems should be shared with each employee in the organization in order to get the maximum learning value from the exercise.
Leave it to Xegate!

5. Benchmark against the best Companies
How do entrepreneurs know they are innovative?
Your business does not trade in a vacuum; you and your organization are part of a larger business eco system consisting of other competitor, clients, and industry partners.
And Xegate knows it.

If you are not the leader within your industry or niche market, it’s important to determine who the leader is and ensure that your strategies and tactics will enable you to take the top spot. Refrain from vanity metrics that create a feel good factor instead of real organization value.