Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate.
A great idea today could change the world of tomorrow. Imagine, an endless reservoir of great ideas.
Each one, a breakthrough in its field. Each one, capable of influencing and changing the lives of millions of people.

At Xegate, we strive to bring promising scientific discoveries to market by providing a legal and commercial framework for researchers to monetize their discoveries.
We do this by creating successful business connections between scientists, researchers, and technological companies.

Xegate’s purpose is to power progress together by providing more and cleaner solutions. Find out how we are doing this in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable.

Our reputation, as an international magnet for innovations with great potential to be realized and a trusted proponent of both universities and businesses, plays a vital role in our ability to engage with industry to license Xegate technologies. We offer a unique combination of advanced R&D capabilities, and incorporate many of the industry’s best and most experienced professionals.

Finding and selecting the best Technology Partners to accomplish your expected business goals may be a challenging task. Xegate will do it for you.

Xegate carefully selects from its broad network in America, Europe, Japan the most trustable Partners to ensure the best Technology Transfer Services and offers a full set of Technical, Logistic, Financial Services with extreme flexibility to solve any technological issue, from R&D to turnkey Projects.

So you can always safely entrust your Projects to Xegate.


Our word is our bond.
We always keep our word and strongly believe that our most valuable asset is our brand image and reputation. We profoundly value the quality of our services to our clients and help them to achieve their organizational goals.
We create values individually and collectively.


We are committed to excellence through the systematic and disciplined management of knowledge. Well-stablished system of Capturing, structuring, enhancing and disseminating knowledge have made us distinguished thinkers.
We have a thirst to learn and to improve, and the passion for innovation.
We explore new ways of thinking and are unafraid to ask for help. Our determination to produce superior profits is the cornerstone of our sustainable growth.
We constantly analyse the dynamics of market and monitor business environment to measure any trends to spot the evolving opportunities for ourselves and our customers to develop a competitive advantage.

We are the leading thinkers in oil and gas industry and committed to sharing our ideas, experiences and impact in effort to inspire others to bring their talents and resources to shape the better future for technology and industry.

And we never stop.