Our Division
for Catalysts
and Chemicals


CCC is Xegate's division for Catalysts and Chemicals.

It includes our extraordinarily innovative Oil & Gas Catalysts and Chemical products for Oil & Gas Industry and for everyday life.
We also include tailor-made services to suit exactly your requirements.

Check out the service that you need.


Our line of Calatysts that improve the efficiency while decreasing the costs and boosting the profits of any Refinery or Petrochemical Plant.

Our Catalysts can be employed in existing Refineries or we can design the Refinery Processes under our License and customize it to meet your needs, resulting in a really interesting impact in terms of the cost of the Refinery (therefore the reducing the payback period).


Xegate S.A. is Technology Provider & Licensor for a set of new High-Tech Chemicals that are employed in Oil & Gas for Corrosion Inhibition and Anti-Scaling, Scavengers, Anticalins and more with the brand Xegate ChemX.

Xegate is also available to make on-Site Surveys, to evaluate Your process profile and propose customized chemicals or for the Engineering and Supply of Injection Packages just fitting Your needs.


X-Spray is a new technology of non-alcoholic disinfectant solutions using hydrogen peroxide and silver ions, which eliminates a wide range of pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi) from the spread of various infectious diseases (hand, room, hospital, food sanitizers).

X-Spray, using just hydrogen peroxide and silver ions, is capable of killing more than 650 species of bacteria and viruses, with a logarithmic reduction of 99.999% and more.