Blue Horizon is a brand of our CCC Division.
Blue Horizon is a line of Calatysts that improve the efficiency while decreasing the costs and boosting the profits of any Refinery or Petrochemical Plant.

Our Catalysts are fully organic, contain no metals.
We aim to perfect the efficiency and take the wastes to zero, finally merging a better business with a better world.


With our Catalysts, you can achieve so many accomplishments in your Refineries. You just have to take less than 1% of our Catalysts and mix it with your fuel. It's not magic, it's our nanotech.

No Metals, only Organic Materials

Low Pressure
Very low Operative mixing Pressure is required

Low Temperature
No high mixing Temperatures are required

Cost Effective
Very low financial requirements, low Installation and Operation & Maintenance costs

High Efficiency
See your Atmospheric Distillation efficiency reach 85% simply with a small investment

Transform your waste into energy, no residuals: good for your business, good for our Planet

"Increase your efficiency and profits while saving the Planet"


Chose the technology that you need and that you want.

Can't find what you look for? Just ask and we will made the perfect recipe for you.


Less than 1% of Prometheus in Mazut of Heavy and Extra Heavy Fuel Oil increase the Mazut quantity by 10% to 25%, decreasing viscosity and sulfur.


Nano-Cracking is the smartest of our Catalysts: increases the efficiency of your distillation column from 85% and above!

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XBF will clean your lakes polluted with hydrocarbon, and gives you in exchange... Emulsion Fuel Oil for Ships (yes, even in 2020's!) and Plants.

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X-BIT takes your Atmospheric Residual and turns it into Bitumen MC250. Yes, you heard well: MC250.


If you have Kerosene, Naphta, Diesel with 500 ppm of sulfur: we will scale it down for you to 10 ppm. Ha, and you can sell the sulfur in excess as H2SO4.


Your Fuel Oil technology doesn't take you too far. Xegate Octane-Booster will: from 87 octanes to 95 octanes; and from 95 octanes to 102 octanes.