We aim to achieve a sustainable success with a profound commitment to a healthy economy, environment and society. Our commitment to specific dimensions of sustainability results directly from our broad0experiences in the technology transfer. We focus on developing long-term relationships with governments and safeguarding the communities and the environments we work within, ultimately protecting our business, people and reputation.


Because our people are our most precious asset, occupational safety and health are our first consideration at all times. We apply strict health and safety procedures to all aspects of our operations, from everyday office activities to highly complex offshore technical drilling activity.

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We’re working to continuously learn, share and improve personal safety efforts by embedding safety leadership into our culture, fully engaging all employees in safety and providing a safe work environment for all employees and contractors.


As a global citizen, protecting and maintaining the environment is paramount at all of our operations and we are constantly seeking ways to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, reduce waste, conserve resources and respect biodiversity. We will achieve this through operational reliability, as well as continued investment in research to develop incremental and breakthrough technologies that reduce our footprint on environment.


Doing business in a clear, open way is a commitment we work hard to keep, and we promote transparency where possible throughout our industry.

Paying taxes in the countries where we operate is about more than complying with the law. It provides governments with opportunity to generate revenues, support economic growth and enhance social development.

The Xegate General Business Principles state our insistence on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business. The direct or indirect offer, payment, solicitation or acceptance of bribes is unacceptable.


Respect is one of  Xegate’s values and guides how we interact with all those who come into contact with our operations.

We are committed to identifying and addressing human rights risks and impacts directly linked with our business activities, including the rights of our workforce and those living in communities affected by our activities.

Our current focus areas include the recruitment, working and living conditions of contracted workforces at our sites, responsible security, community grievance mechanisms and channels for workforces to raise their concerns.

We encourage employees, contractors, communities and other third parties to speak up if they see something they think could be unsafe or unethical. At our worksites we help make sure people are aware of our confidential global helpline Open Talk, our community complaints systems and workforce grievance mechanisms.

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