Xegate does and supports Advanced Research & Development around the World, with major focus on the fields of nanotechnology for Energy and Environment, for the sake of the Earth and Mankind.

Xegate is specialized in the research and application of new technologies and applications for Business and Industry.
We operate to support and supply technology transfer between Companies and Countries.
Xegate strongly believes in peace and co-operation between Countries and will never stop working to improve the relationships of Government at the highest level for a world working together in harmony without boundaries.

For mature technologies, Xegate exploits the potential of its inventions establishing start-ups, partnerships, strategic alliances with Partner Companies having our same visions and the financial power to make these technology flourish for the benefit of everybody.

In fact, our technologies not only go in the direction of conserving the environment, but also are extremely profitable and with lower payback periods, even compared to the most advanced of nowadays technologies in the market.

We also cooperate with Industrial Companies and Universities and operate as a liaison between the Academic and Industrial worlds.

Our Mission
Spread the Technology Culture worldwide: a righteous rev0lution is possible.
Ethical disruptive innovation and wellness can coexist in a virtuous circle.

Our Vision
For Mankind to live longer and better, in harmony with Planet Earth.
There is no other choice: we need the right technologies for the best applications in the hands of the most trustworthy people.


The aim of the Xegate is to develop, assist and encourage the development of innovative technologies for the benefit of humanity and planet Earth, our cradle.

Xegate has no political, philosophical or religious opinion and makes no distinction of religion, race, class, culture, gender or nationalism.
Xegate does not pursue any end that does not benefit humanity.

Today's world as we commonly know it is exhausted and has an extreme need for innovation, new sources of energy, to optimize planetary resources, to bring well-being to peoples without this ruining or destroying the surrounding environment, that is, following both meanings of the word:

well (not com. Well ness) s. m. – 1. Happy state of health, physical and moral strength 2. Prosperous condition of luck, comfort

Today we refer only to the second definition, many times with only the meaning of "economic prosperity" and too many times at the expense of the first, which is the First with reason.
Xegate aims to bring to light, clear and obvious, the true meaning of well-being through astounding technological advances.

Yes, with technology.
It can be done.
We will.

Mind you, economic prosperity is not in itself a negative element: on the contrary, it is a strictly necessary element for innovation.
Innovation that, if well guided, produces well-being, which is what every human being aspires to, and consequently produces economic prosperity.
Economic prosperity that and if well guided produces new innovation, triggering a virtuous circle of innovation, well-being, prosperity.

Some people think that the historical period we are living in is characterized by a decay of customs and culture: it could be called by many a period of middle, of barbarism. But, even so, from barbarism can be reborn, there can be a Cultural Renaissance oriented this time by a strong technologically innovative drive, since technology now permeates every aspect of our existence becoming culture.

If we think of the great historical periods that made Italy great: the Roman Republic,  the Roman Empire, the Italian Renaissance; great civilizations and mecenats  of the past have been able to invest in the best possible way: the human potential at the service of  progress  and culture.
It is thanks to these civilizations and it is for the merit and foresight of those patrons that today, centuries later, we can boast the largest number of UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Sites.
We are sure that those same emperors and patrons today would be focusing on technology, at a time in history when culture and high technology are slowly merging into a single indistinct entity.

The genius and the intellect will take us year, if well addressed, to a new era of splendor.

In fact, we are at the beginning of a period of intense positive Scientific upheaval: today they are the dawn of the full development of Nanotechnologies, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Technologies Advanced.
Innovations that, for those outside the industry, could appear on the border between science and science fiction.
They exist, they are already here, they work, they are us, they are among us and with us; we must give them life, identity, courage and accompany them in the final process of industrialization.

The scientific evolution that is expected in the coming years is comparable to the computer revolution of the ‘70s – ‘80s, but this time it concerns the real world and no longer the virtual world.
Imagine its potential effect on man and the world, if you misdirected it: we would not imagine it.

And now imagine the effect if well addressed: it is the Xegate.


Think about a spray made of nanoparticles that will increase the efficiency of the Natural Gas separation in gas tanks as much as allowing saving billion dollars to the Natural Gas producers.
We designed and produce it!

Think about a powder capable of transforming polluted oily lakes into blue fuel.

Think of a natural liquid that can nurture bacteria and create natural concrete.

Think about the possibility of detecting a virus in just 30 seconds without using any reactant.

And stay tuned because so much more is coming soon!
We are working hard to make the world a more sustainable place for our kids, our grandchildren and for Earth’s all creatures.


More than 100,000 years of human evolution, do you want to stop now?
No more suffocating the Planet, join our pacific technological revolution.

Congratulations, you found Xegate.
You found the future.
Your future is now, with Xegate!

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